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I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a great, clear piece of software! Fantastic work - really functional, clear, organised.
- Andrew Cain
I absolutely love your script. The ease of setting up the front-end and installing my own cards could not be easier.
- Ron Cowart
I have been using Maian products for a number of years. Any problems, contact the guys & the problem will be sorted. Possibly the friendliest company, selling top quality software at the best possible prices. This might sound like an advert, it is not, it is one very happy customer wishing to share his good fortune with other people.
- Rui Simao
Maian Greetings has always been a favourite of mine and the first Maian script I ever used. I have been using it since about the first ever version and I loved it then, well, I love it even more now. It is even more intuitive and user-friendly than it was then, and the possibilities are even greater now (eg. the ability to add cards in the shape of Youtube films). I would say, keep going, keep up the good work
- Frankie Deschacht

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