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Maian Greetings Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 3.1 (14/03/2018):
[*] Min PHP version to run software increased to 5.5. PHP5.5 or higher required.
[*] Search system now searches tags field as well as name and description
[*] Update Trumbowyg jQuery plugin (2.9.4)
[*] Update chartist jQuery plugin (0.11.0)
[*] Update sortable jQuery plugin (1.7.0)
[*] Updated PHPMailer mail transportation class (6.0.3)
[*] Updated mobile detection PHP class (2.8.31)
[*] jQuery library updated to 3.3.1
[-] Fixed bug where filters were sometimes retained causing categories not to load
[-] Fixed incorrect youtube example in ecard import documentation
[-] Fixed issue where category could be moved into itself causing it to disappear
[-] Fixed issue where data didn`t clear correctly if ecard was updated from image/video to youtube video
[-] Fixed issue where youtube urls failed to import from ecard csv import

Version 3.0 (02/08/2017):
[+] Added WYSIWYG editor for ecard description. Script tags not supported for security.
[+] Added cache system to reduce database load. This is optional.
[+] Added menu boxes & new pages for easy layout control
[+] Added music support for OGG files.
[+] Added option to easily take system offline for maintenance
[+] Added social sharing options including AddThis & Twitter API
[+] Added support for CleanTalk API Anti spam system. Prevents bots submitting ecards.
[+] Added support for MP4/M4V/OGV video ecards & YouTube hosted ecards
[+] Brand new simpler HTML5 responsive ecard system
[+] Supports custom themes for certain date ranges
[*] Added support for PHP7
[*] Licence changed to free (creative commons) and commercial
[*] Removed IP banning feature, added option to block email domains / addresses
[*] Removed deprecated MySQL functions. Supports MySQLi only.
[*] Removed mailing list, added option to export contacts to CSV
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (5.2.24)
[*] Updated database backup option
[*] Updated rewrite rules. Better options for url slugs and SEO options.
[*] Removed Paypal payment system
[*] Removed account system
[*] Removed event calendar and all event operations
[*] Removed option for visitor to upload ecards
[*] Removed poems
[*] Removed support for flash ecards
[*] Removed support for midi files

Version 2.1 (28/08/2006):
[+] Added Paypal IPN system for payment processing
[+] Added default image if image or file no longer exists
[+] Added option for guests to send e-cards from specified categories/sub categories
[+] Added option to include poems with messages
[*] Added ability to update multiple templates at once
[*] Commercial licence removed. Script released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Licence.
[*] Improved image reporting when adding images
[*] New admin interface
[*] Removed frameset from admin area
[*] Updated documentation to static HTML pages
[-] Fixed some minor coding errors

Version 2.0 (12/03/2006):
[+] Added Add to Favourites function
[+] Added CSV option in admin area
[+] Added Savant 2 template engine
[+] Added ability for sender/admin to view sent cards
[+] Added advanced pickup stats
[+] Added cron to delete inactive accounts
[+] Added e-card pickup option
[+] Added event reminders
[+] Added flash support
[+] Added member log in system
[+] Added multiple recipient option/address book
[+] Added reminder function
[+] Added sub categories
[+] Added user uploads option
[*] Brand new interface
[*] Dropped Tell a Friend option
[*] Dropped backup restore function
[*] Updated calendar interface
[*] Updated e-mail templates
[*] Updated event calendar to span days

Version 1.0 (10/10/2004):
[+] Version 1.0 Released


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