Maian Greetings

Language Packs - v3.0

Only language packs shown here are available. All are in Zip format. Refer to the readme file in the Zip file for installation instructions.

If you have translated Maian Greetings and would like to share your translation, please contact us.

Please only contact us if you have completed translations, thank you. Free licences are offered for completed translations. A.I translations are allowed.

Hungarian Language Files

MD5: 68EBA3DBC378EF76E0501E8178F53EDE
SHA1: A4A7D932CD695BC78784213AA9586D05E57D68F2

French Language Files

SHA1: F3AFDF599FE2DF26DC4A88C3A1F81282815255E1

Dutch Language Files

MD5: 4654B63722D0DDB11A249CAD997FB21B
SHA1: 75DDA81750D7D2BC40E542F2D75109CE976D4390

Danish Language Files

MD5: 0334DC75F01BB61B77442A4CE7457587
SHA1: 66CF874C16E4EBF216C6D2459BA109C398C5242F