Maian Greetings

Language Packs - v3.0

Only language packs shown here are available. All are in Zip format. Refer to the readme file in the Zip file for installation instructions.

If you have translated Maian Greetings and would like to share your translation, please contact us.

Please only contact us if you have completed translations, thank you. Free licences are offered for completed translations.

Hungarian Language Pack

Submitted by: József Nagy MD5: 19A86BFCAE90E46E895C9AC25B570697
SHA1: 963FBC6875EFE6827C2666CC27456B845A8BD4BF

Dutch Language Pack

Submitted by: Bernhard Hüpscher MD5: 15507EF942CC464F8F6C1DA072FFDA6F
SHA1: E9C62820EA1E71A0F68C6AE5F6A763ABF5F92253

Danish Language Pack

Submitted by: Kim Hessellund MD5: C60E70747574E8F56C6480BEFC0A6158
SHA1: 8B9A3AFEBECA0852931C9514134B4E5410755FA8

French Language Pack

Submitted by: Alexis Michaux MD5: EDE56E4BC4B5938C129B1531268E1CE2
SHA1: 03F18CFB1F2B21E2122C13A0C4E5C87B025E6DD8